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1. What is Nitya-Puja ?

Nitya means daily. Puja in Sanskrit means to adore, to worship. Puja is to worship God. Therefore Puja performed every day is known as Nitya-Puja. For example, if someone saved us from drowning, then we would still remember him on special occasions, such as his birthday, or Diwali. That is a subtle act of Puja. Nitya-Puja evokes feelings of live and adoration. On occasions it may feel mechanical or robotic.

2. Why is Nitya-Puja performed in the morning?

The scriptures declare that the early hours of the morning are considered especially auspicious. Therefore any sacred activity performed in the morning will bear greater fruit. The remembrance of bad or evil people, such as Ravana, in the morning will influence an evil or bad desires or behaviour. But on the other hand, meditating on God and the Saints will awaken our spiritual attributes Dharma, Gnan, Vairagya, and Bhakti.

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